It’s been such a busy 6 months, launching 3 new collections in August, exhibiting at the IJL and getting the shop ready for the Christmas rush that we’ve just realised that we forgot to blog about the new collections!

The Workshop is now Christmas ready so time to focus on the jewellery!

First up is our new Meadow collection.

We all love our dogs at Linda Macdonald Jewellery and we are spoiled with the most amazing dog walks in our area. The meadow collection was inspired by Linda and Merlot’s journeys through the countryside, beautiful meadow walks and autumn breezes.


There are 21 new pieces in the collection with many of them featuring our traditional flower and hearts design so there are a lot of pieces that will complement previous collections. We have also included 4 new rings in response to customers request so we hope you find something you love!


Twilight is the second of our 3 new collections and was inspired by the tranquil countryside at dusk as the first stars appear.

This collection is already proving a big hit with our customers and our very popluar Lucky Penny hare features again. The gold accents in this collection are stars which is a first but we love how the pieces have turned out and the stars give them a truly magical feel and are a great gift to give to the star in your life!


Lastly, we come to the Poppy collection

A stunning flower with a big story - The delicate poppy holds such special meaning. As part of a meadow, this flower has always captured Linda’s imagination and indeed our hearts. This collection features 9 pieces and is a lovely gift to give to someone who is remembering someone dear this Christmas.


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